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Bvision Interiors

Bvision Interiors is a multi-discipline firm focuses on providing an integrated design & build services in both interiors & contracting fields, since our establishment in 2012 we were keen to deliver a new standard of interior design in Egypt always in line with the international trends; exposed to all new and sophisticated tools enabling us to make our clients

Bvision Interiors map


10 Sayed Zakaria Street, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
(202) 22 696 188
(202) 012 21 8888 04
From: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM




Job Code: VDI (Shall be written in Email Subject).

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor Degree in interior Design & furniture Design.
  2. Highly experienced in different styles and trends of interior design
  3. Innovative thinking in dealing with different spaces, an excellent eye for details, high ability for generating an outstanding visualization quality
  4. Experience 3+ in the same field. (Outstanding practice of 3D max is a must)

Job Code: BVGD (Shall be written in Email Subject).

Job Requirements:

  1. Minimum 4 years of experience.
  2. Photoshop, Illustrator & PowerPoint professional.

Job Code: VCC (Shall be written in Email Subject).

Job Requirements:

  1. Detailed productivity tracking & analysis, preparation & analysis of cost reporting & forecasting, Subcontractor/vendor payment verification
  2.  assuring cost analysis to match project total budget, project schedule preparation
  3. experience 4+ in the same field.

Job Code: VTO (Shall be written in Email Subject).

Job Requirements:

  1.  Highly experienced in producing accurately coordinated working packages in addition to quantity surveying and BOQ
  2. An excellent eye for details, high experience of dealing with high end interiors projects
  3.  Experience 5+ in the same field.

Job Code: VSE (Shall be written in Email Subject).

Job Requirements:

  1.  Day to day site management including Supervision & precise monitoring of all site activities
  2. Checking of execution drawings assuring its precise matching with all related site operations
  3. Highly experienced & full awareness of all execution items assuring high end delivery
  4.  Strictly following of project schedule with respect to organizing site facilities and labor force in order to meet project deadlines
  5. Experience 3+ in the same field