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Bvision Interiors is a multi-discipline firm focuses on providing an integrated design & build services in both interiors & contracting fields, since our establishment in 2012 we were keen to deliver a new standard of interior design in Egypt always in line with the international trends; exposed to all new and sophisticated tools enabling us to make our clients

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10 Sayed Zakaria Street, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
(202) 22 696 188
(202) 012 21 8888 04
From: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
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“Selection..! , a vital expression that hides lots of details behind; it controls critical paths in one’s life, it defines the character, so… It is undoubtedly responsible for the determination of how successful, emotional and productive one would be. Another point of view has been highlighted concerning the game of selections through the concept of Bassam Magdy to dig deeper into the consequences of his choices that has made the name of Bvision Interiors.”

Our phases of selections are endless, some of them are fundamental when it comes to the way we manage our firm’s rules and procedures leading us to the remarkable place that we have occupied in the interior design field by which we have gained the trust and creditability of our clients for delivering incomparable quality which has been achieved by placing strict milestones to identify the destination we aimed to reach; an indispensable one of these; is choosing a highly spirited & committed team paying attention to tiny details before big ones, coordinating all items of technicality; tying all aspects of design together to reach a flawless criteria for handling our projects along its progress till its final handover.

Among these fundamental selections, we have chosen to put aside our comfort zone in order to attain our client’s comfort and satisfaction, hours and hours of creativity and innovation are consumed to bring a single detail to life; having no hesitation of doing extra efforts in our design just to make sure that there is no other thing – by any mean – could be added to that design to look prettier and more functional.

Talking about the variable aspects of selections; those are the choices made to reflect the taste and desire of our clients; each shade of color, texture of material, beam of light in addition to the exact shape of furniture and where it shall be precisely placed to settle our image of glamour towards our clients; shaping their lifestyle and provision of unique spaces.

One initial and final choice we have taken is to achieve excellence, beauty and commitment in the industry of interiors… we have accomplished it and we will keep working on it.

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