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Bvision Interiors is a multi-discipline firm focuses on providing an integrated design & build services in both interiors & contracting fields, since our establishment in 2012 we were keen to deliver a new standard of interior design in Egypt always in line with the international trends; exposed to all new and sophisticated tools enabling us to make our clients

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10 Sayed Zakaria Street, Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
(202) 22 696 188
(202) 012 21 8888 04
From: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Master Bedroom

“ELEGANCE IS NOT ABOUT BEING NOTICED, IT’S ABOUT BEING REMEMBERED” … Starting from here we have been first inspired to transform our passion for interiors into luxurious & breathtaking designs; proposing our clients a fabulous living experience.

Interiors ….. Here we are to accommodate your spaces with our flow of designs to fulfill all possible purposes and needs; Residential, Offices & Commercial designs are all under our scope of creativity to put our distinguish print on all your surroundings with our elegant interior designs.

Our extensive varieties of materials and color shades mixed with our different lighting systems leave you with multiple options reflecting the desired feeling to suit your mood.

Our dedicated team of interior designers & decorators translate our designs & ideas combined with your soul to transfer your spaces into a visual copy using the latest technics and the most sophisticated tools of visualization.

We accompany you to an exciting journey in which you are invited to see every corner of your space, all the selected materials and each shade of color and beam of light to end up with not only a relaxing but a totally functional interior design.


Bvision Interiors interior design RESIDENTIAL DESIGN

Warming up your interiors, as we study your personality involving all your needs to fine tune your home into several moods panorama, offering you out our blend of designs to match the exact feeling you need to experiment in each part of your home.


Bvision Interiors interior design OFFICE DESIGN

Dealing with office designs, we work on creating the perfect environment through our sensitive selection of warm materials and energetic colors to empower you by both peace of mind to concentrate & ability to produce.


Bvision Interiors interior design OFFICE DESIGN

What it counts here is to manage your space with the welcoming atmosphere; understand your business needs to provide you with our commercial interior design which in line with the nature of your products or services.

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